Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wholesale-Dress review o:

So, for a while I was way into Asian wholesale. I researched it, and I planned on making an order but I realized that it's just too much money to waste on something that I can't be sure will look nice, when I could just go to Charlotte Russe and browse the Clearance section.

However, Paypal recently had a promotion going on that I received an email about. Basically there are some Chinese sites that you can order from and get free shipping, wholesale-dress included. Well, I figured this would be a good time to give them a test drive by ordering a few small things.

So here's what I ordered:

And here's what I ended up getting:

Yeaaaa..... =[
So I email them, and the first thing they ask for is a picture. So I send them the above image, immediately asking for a refund. They then say this:
Ths for ur email , our wholesale is different from others just because of low price , the quality is the same as the price quoted ,dear, u can check on other web , dear ,u can choose some JR series such as JR001,  they are usually in good quality ,in order to create the long -term cooperation , we will give u a nice gift in ur next new order for compensation , is it ok? ths
Translation: "You were dumb enough to buy them for so cheap, you are now stuck with them." Long story short, we go back and forth for a few days, I constantly ask for a refund, and they constantly change the subject, offering me store credit and free gifts. I literally sent them a message where I just copy and pasted this sentence, "I want a full refund" about 15 times, and they responded like this:

We are sorry. According to our policy, it is impossible to do full refund. It is not reasonable. You know we have shipped you the goods and without charging your shipping fee. We paid the goods cost, labor cost and shipping fee, now you asked for full refund. We are sorry. We cannot do this for you. I think you should make a little concession. EXCEPT FULL REFUND, you can give us other suggestions. Thank you.
Here's a suggestion, you guys can choke on a dick.

So, I filed a claim with paypal, which was immediately dismissed in THEIR FAVOR. WHAT??? So I called Paypal, and apparently for orders placed before November on any other site than ebay, they are not able to help you if you have a claim regarding counterfeit items. They did, however, give me a courtesy credit for the amount, thank goodness. I warned them about this site, and I told them they should think twice about endorsing them, considering they are essentially a glorified scam company. She said she'd have someone look into it.

All in all, probably the worst experience on the internets ever. The sad part is I've seen reviews about this site before, and I should have known better, but I figured these items were so small that they couldn't mess them up too badly. I was soooo wrong x_x

I encourage everyone to report these guys to econsumer, it takes about 2 minutes, totally painless. What they are doing is blatant copyright infringement. If I were to make a website where I used pictures from Guess and Juicy Couture and whatnot, then went and bought some cheap fabric, making something that kind of resembles the picture but not really, and when people asked for refunds just said, "welp, you were dumb enough to buy them for so cheap, you are stuck with them" I would have the pants sued off of me. Why they have been allowed to get away with this for so long is baffling.

I think a rating system in this instance won't be necessary, just steer clear, people.