Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Zarmark Taobao Agent Shopping Service Review - Negative!!

So, I switched over to Pruany from Taobaospree a while back, and recently they refused to give me consultation for an item I wanted to buy, something about "we do not buy this product, irritates our employee", whatever. It's a long story, I have no idea what they were talking about. So I went on the hunt for a new service. I came across Zarmark. They have a streamlined system where all you have to do is copy/paste links into a webpage, which I liked. I placed my order, everything seemed to be going well. Once they received all my items, I decided to ask for pictures of a certain item I bought, to make sure it was correct. I asked for very specific colors and model types, and the colors were allllll wrong. Naturally I was a bit pissed, so I asked the purchaser about it.
"Seller say he cannot promise the color you want but he would try. Sent at random"
"And why didn't you tell me about this before you spent my money on it?"
"Is my mistake. What do you want us to do."
"I'd like a refund or a shipping credit."
"Ok. Please forgive."
"It's fine, just make sure to credit me."
So finally all my items arrive. I speak with a representative and say that I need my items as quickly as possible, so he quotes me for about $31 EMS and I pay immediately. Later that day, I get an email with my tracking number. It says RA_________. I'm thinking, RA? Is that... goddamnit, that's fucking Airmail isn't it?? I immediately respond asking about it.

"Sent airmail by mistake, will refund the difference."
"What part of 'I NEED THESE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE' did you not really get?"
No response.

Just, extremely irresponsible and bad all around. I stopped to think about it, if I hadn't caught the mistake, would they have refunded me? Or would they just be sittin' pretty on that free money? I wouldn't recommend them to anyone, really. I'm still on the hunt for a decent service since Pruany decided to be a cock for no reason =/

*UPDATE* My package finally arrived, and surprise! More issues. I ordered 30 pcs of an item, 15 pics match what I wanted, the other 15 don't. I emailed them and basically said, "I only have 15 pcs of the item I wanted, I want a refund for the items that are wrong." And this is the response I get:


The item is out of stock, and jelly  [the agent] already tell you and change it into another item.
Do you forget it ?
I think you must be a Child, and I hope you could be a good girl if you can.
Do you think so ?
Have a nice day.

Can you believe that?? I am so flabbergasted and disgusted with that response I can barely articulate it. I want to blame the language barrier but, really? Calling me a child because you sent me the wrong item? Btw I was never told they were out of stock. I looked through every email and message archive of correspondence with Zarmark and not once did they mention this item being out of stock.