Friday, April 1, 2011

i.Fairy Eclipse Circle Lens Review *Updated*

Got my lenses! :D

Yay, my very first pair. I wanted a color that would be dark and subtle, so I went with the i.Fairy Eclipse Green. Please forgive the bad pictures, I took these in my bathroom at night. I'll add some daylight pictures tomorrow. ^-^

Here's the promo picture:
 How do all these models manage to look so cute with the camera so close to them! I must learn their secrets <_<

Here's what my eye looks like:
So the lighting on these isn't great, as I took these in my bathroom, like I said earlier. Also, I apologize for my awful, end-of-the-day cakey makeup. D: However, this is just about as green as they look irl, I'm not sure how much effect changing the lighting would have. :x

*Edit* Moar pics! 

In direct sunlight:

With flash:

Here's a comparison photo:

 Jesus Christ! Dramatic, isn't it? It's weird because when I have them both in I don't think I look much different at all. But comparing it like this really emphasizes it! I was worried about buying circle lenses because my eyes are already really big, and I wanted them to be really, over the top big. But as I searched I found a lot of them came in the diameter that my regular lenses are @_@. Thank goodness I found these, they are magical!

* ~ * ~ *

Comfort: 4/5 - I heard all the GEO horror stories about how painful they are and I was terrified that these would be the same way. Nope, not at all =]. Can't even feel them!! *Edit* I gave these an extended test run today, I wore them at work for about five hours, got home, took them out for two hours and put them back in to wear out. I will say that I got a  bit of a headache, but I can't say it's 100% because of the lenses. My job involves me listening to extremely loud music constantly, and I also went to a show where there was more loud music. At this point I wouldn't recommend wearing them for more than five hours, just to be safe. Oh, and this might sound really gross but I am going to mention it: I seem to accumulate more sleep in my eyes than I normally do throughout the day. Huh... <_<

Color/Design: 5/5 - This is exactly what I was looking for. Gonna be honest, though, if you want a bright, vibrant color, Eclipse is not for you. But if you want a really subtle, dark color then these are great.

Enlargement: 5/5 - These definitely get the job done, as you can see. However, I like that it's still very subtle, even when it comes to enlargement. Definitely not fake looking at all.

See my previous post for why I am not recommending that you buy these where I did. <_<