Thursday, May 16, 2013


Okay, so I was on the hunt for a cheap razor because I was getting tired of my old model, I started poking around ebay and came across The ebay page for USRazor. The razor I wanted was dirt cheap and listed as brand new, never used or opened, so I decided to check out their website (because usually when sellers have an individual site, the items there are cheaper). I found the same, brand new razor from their ebay listed for about $0.50 cents less, free shipping, and paypal accepted, so I figured, why not?

Biiiiiig mistake.

The razor arrived today, I open the package, and this is what I find

I was sent a (possibly) used, opened, and therefore contaminated razor. It looks like to me that the seller, to try and save money, has ripped out the back ends (therefore opening the entire package), taken out the two free razor heads that come with the razor in it's brand new state, and started collecting them, possibly to sell as separate refill packs.

So I am pretty astounded at this. I mean, what if I cut myself and got infected because this razor was opened? So I email them to explain the situation, and their response is this:


I am sorry but I have shipped brand new razor. If you are not happy, please send it back for refund
So he/she essentially calls me a liar and demands that I ship the contaminated razor back to them, on my own dime, so that they can sell it to someone else. At this point I can tell that this discussion will go nowhere, they are "right" and I am "wrong", so I file a claim. I add a link to the above image in the claim message, explaining that I am p sure it is illegal to sell opened, contaminated personal items, especially to do so while listing it as brand new. Some of their responses:
  • 5/16/2013 21:48 EDT - Seller: You need to send it back for full refund and that is paypal policy. Thanks
  • 5/16/2013 21:47 EDT - Seller: Hi I am sorry we did not open it. I have thousands of them and why would I open it. Sent you brand new Razors. If you don't send it for refund. Please don't buy from my site anymore. We don't need you as a customer. Thanks
  • 5/16/2013 20:21 EDT - Seller: Hi Please send it back for refund. Thanks
 "We don't need you as a customer" ROFL WOW. Real professional. I don't need you as a seller, either. I'm pretty sure no one else needs a seller who would willingly send out contaminated, opened and tampered-with merchandise and deplorable customer service. Don't worry, I won't be back.

I called paypal and they got me my refund, so I'm alright, but I wanted to make sure people know what they are getting into with this shitty fucking seller and their attitude.