Monday, July 18, 2011

DecoDen / Sweets Lolita Accessories

So I started to become really interested in sweets deco a while back. It's like the world's cutest hobby! However, I definitely was not prepared for how difficult it can be at first ;~; I made a mirror that was supposed to be strawberry themed, laid out the frosting all neat and circular, and then I realized I only had one cabochon that would match with the theme. So I just kind of stuck it in the middle and laid flatback beads around it, and some sprinkles. And then I decided to try that whole "puff paint melty sauce" thing that I see so much. Man, that turned out horrible, because I did it after I had already put all the icing on. So at this point I'm just like, "fuck it" and I let it dry. It's so sad looking =[ I suppose it was a good learning experience because now I know that I need to have the layout planned out before I start frosting things. The only thing is, when I try to plan things out, I have a hard time... arranging things in a manner that would be aesthetically pleasing, as stupid as that sounds. I know there is a certain... method to it, I just need to figure out one that would work for me. I suppose I just need more practice.

Anyway, I made some things that turned out not to be a disaster, thank goodness!

My camera has the worst shake protection ever. If you move a cm the whole pic is blurred to hell =|

This picture came out a lot better :3

And no, I will never ever ever take a picture of my strawberry disaster mirror D: One day when I have a proper setup for deco and lots of practice I will make a mirror and it will be glorious!

I put them up on ebay at a starting bid of $7 shipped but there were no takers =[ I'm not sure if I want to make an etsy, there are sooooo many deco artists there, and so many of them are so much better than I am! I think I will probably put them up on my weebly to see if anyone is interested. I tried the whole Artfire thing and while it's free, it gets basically no traffic, so your stuff just sits there on display =/

I change hobbies a lot, don't I? <_<

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Super Barbie Lace & Melon Review / Ying Lens House / Beautiful Eyes

It's that time again!

So these were among the very first circle lenses I ever bought, and I never got around to reviewing them so I figured I should probably get on that. I actually don't have any pictures because I had to throw them both away =/ (More on that in a bit!)

Super Barbie Lace Brown

This is the lens I got stuck with because Beautiful Eyes on facebook scammed/screwed me over. I tried for a few months to sell them but I had no luck, especially considering they were prescription. I decided to just try them on for the hell of it, despite the fact that things with my Melon lenses didn't work out.


Comfort: 2/5 - While they didn't make me want to rip my eyes out, these are very uncomfortable. As soon as I put them in I could feel them all over my eyes and they slid around constantly ( I suspect this has something to do with my base curve, 8.3). I couldn't wear them for longer than a few minutes. Trashed them immediately without realizing people would probably want to see pics of them D:

Color/Design: 3/5 - If you want a lace pattern, buy the Japan Barbie Eye Lace/Princess Lace instead. The lace pattern on this is just... I dunno, there's something off about it. It's kind of... sloppy. And the brown color is more of a gold. The lens just made my eyes look odd in general.

Enlargement: 4/5 - Not bad. Not big and dramatic like my i.Fairys, but still noticeable by others. I would guess that the real diameter is something like 14.7 or 14.8.

Next up,

Super Barbie Melon Brown

I bought these from Ying Lens House on facebook, and she's such a sweetheart and offers AMAZING service! Unlike the Cunty McCunterson that runs Beautiful Eyes, she will actually refund you when she makes a mistake about something being in stock. I had just had that horrible experience a few days earlier and went straight to her and when I found out I already paid her for something that turned up to be out of stock I panicked. >_< But she was SO NICE about it, despite the fact that I may have been a little mean. Of course I apologized and promised to promote her to the ends of the earth! I really wish I could wear Super Barbies because her prices are AMAZING, unfortunately I can't so I'll have to admire her business from afar. ;~; On to the review!


Comfort: 2.7/5 - I actually really liked these lenses, which is why it pains me to say this. They are just not very comfortable at all. This was my very first pair, and I thought that it was normal to experience them slowly migrating in my eyes throughout the day. They aren't as painful as the Lace lenses but I could still feel them in my eyes. On top of that they popped out constantly, it was a huge annoyance. In the end I had to toss them (again, this is before I considered the possibility of doing reviews of them @____@)

Color/Design: 5/5 - For a while I debated on whether or not to get the black ones, and I am glad I decided on the brown. It's a very dark, natural ring of brown, and in certain lighting can look black! Great natural brown lens.

Enlargement: 4/5 - These are pretty big, noticeable enlargement. The coloring is printed pretty close to the edge. Again, the real diameter is probably 14.7/14.8mm.

So these were my first and last Super Barbie lenses! Would I recommend them? Well, if your base curve is closer to the standard 8.6, and you can deal with them popping out, then yea. They are a decent "budget" lens, just didn't work for me.