Friday, April 1, 2011

i.Fairy Eclipse Circle Lens Review *Updated*

Got my lenses! :D

Yay, my very first pair. I wanted a color that would be dark and subtle, so I went with the i.Fairy Eclipse Green. Please forgive the bad pictures, I took these in my bathroom at night. I'll add some daylight pictures tomorrow. ^-^

Here's the promo picture:
 How do all these models manage to look so cute with the camera so close to them! I must learn their secrets <_<

Here's what my eye looks like:
So the lighting on these isn't great, as I took these in my bathroom, like I said earlier. Also, I apologize for my awful, end-of-the-day cakey makeup. D: However, this is just about as green as they look irl, I'm not sure how much effect changing the lighting would have. :x

*Edit* Moar pics! 

In direct sunlight:

With flash:

Here's a comparison photo:

 Jesus Christ! Dramatic, isn't it? It's weird because when I have them both in I don't think I look much different at all. But comparing it like this really emphasizes it! I was worried about buying circle lenses because my eyes are already really big, and I wanted them to be really, over the top big. But as I searched I found a lot of them came in the diameter that my regular lenses are @_@. Thank goodness I found these, they are magical!

* ~ * ~ *

Comfort: 4/5 - I heard all the GEO horror stories about how painful they are and I was terrified that these would be the same way. Nope, not at all =]. Can't even feel them!! *Edit* I gave these an extended test run today, I wore them at work for about five hours, got home, took them out for two hours and put them back in to wear out. I will say that I got a  bit of a headache, but I can't say it's 100% because of the lenses. My job involves me listening to extremely loud music constantly, and I also went to a show where there was more loud music. At this point I wouldn't recommend wearing them for more than five hours, just to be safe. Oh, and this might sound really gross but I am going to mention it: I seem to accumulate more sleep in my eyes than I normally do throughout the day. Huh... <_<

Color/Design: 5/5 - This is exactly what I was looking for. Gonna be honest, though, if you want a bright, vibrant color, Eclipse is not for you. But if you want a really subtle, dark color then these are great.

Enlargement: 5/5 - These definitely get the job done, as you can see. However, I like that it's still very subtle, even when it comes to enlargement. Definitely not fake looking at all.

See my previous post for why I am not recommending that you buy these where I did. <_<



  2. oooh they look good! Now I'm tempted to get a pair... maybe for cosplay though....

  3. ^^No >:[ lol

    ^Thanks! i.Fairy Hanabi are perfect for cosplay, they're really bright from what I hear. But you'll want to bring the case to put them in because after 5 or 6 hours at a con you'll want to take them out.

  4. I've always loved how nice these look, but after hearing nothing but horror stories about how bad they are for you and how uncomfortable they are, I've never really considered purchasing some. But a positive review sort of tilts me in that direction. These seem like they'd be amazing for cosplay!

  5. ^Yea, I was the same way. I researched them for a while, and honestly the only bad reviews I could find were about Geo lenses.

    And yes they are practically made for cosplay =]