Sunday, August 14, 2011

i.Fairy Ruby Red Circle Lens Review

Hi again! Since yesterday's post was just a quickie, here's a review of my Ruby Reds.

Interesting story with these. The first pair I ordered were TERRIBLY painful. My eyes were stinging and throbbing and it was the worst pain I have felt! I took them out immediately and contacted my seller. After sending him some pictures, he said that the supplier agreed to send me a brand new pair (yay). This is a review of the new pair. I decided to try leaving them in hot water (closed in their cases of course) a little trick I learned I soompi when there is sliding around/discomfort. So I popped the right lens in, felt great, no problems. Left lens? ASHGDKJASYUEB JESUS CHRIST. Horrible pain again! Not only would the lens disappear into the upper regions of my eye every time I closed it for longer than 3 seconds, the pain/irritation was STILL there! Because it just wouldn't sit still, I constantly had this fucking derpy look on my face. Horrible.

Here are the pics:


Comfort: 1/5 - Really disappointed with i.Fairy =/ They are my go-to company when I know I need a comfortable lens and they really failed me here. Twice! I'm not even going to ask for another pair.

Color/Design: 4/5 - The lenses are a lot brighter than what my pics indicate, and while the color is shocking at first, it's very interesting. I'd like to try some more red lenses in the future.

Enlargement: 5/5 - i.Fairy is always impressive in the enlargement department, no issues here.

So that was my Ruby Red experience. Honestly I've never seen anyone else complain about these, so it just must be my luck that I was sent two defective pairs. Would I recommend these? Well, I'm not sure. On one hand, the pair you receive may be fine, on the other you could end up with ones like I got... so I suppose if you see them somewhere for cheap and don't mind taking a gamble, it wouldn't hurt to try them out.

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