Thursday, March 24, 2011

Circle Lens NIGHTMARE D: - Beautiful Eyes Facebook Shop Review - NEGATIVE

Alright, so this is sort of a warning post.

I ordered two pairs of lenses from Beautiful Eyes on facebook. The girl confirmed that they were both in stock. I paid. She emails me a few days later, "Lol, boss says we don't have one of the colors you wanted [Barbie Eye Lace Chocolate], hopefully she hasn't sent your replacement already. If she hasn't then I can refund you." I'm thinking okay, awesome. Your boss just took the liberty of changing my order without my consent. She emails me and says no, her boss hasn't sent it yet, but that I cannot be refunded because that is their policy.

Excuse me?

You're not going to refund me for an item you lied about having in stock? "No. Sorry." Wow, great. I stupidly STUPIDLY sent her payment as a gift, so paypal wouldn't help me. Contacting my bank would have taken too much time. All I wanted was a refund for a lens that she didn't have in stock, was I being difficult with such a request?

After about a week of arguing with her, I said, "You know what, fuck it. Send me the other color, I'll sell them." They've been shipped, tracking provided. She also blocked me from the Facebook group. Herp derp, u sure got me.

So I see another seller on facebook doing a pre-order. I'm like, awesome, it's ending in a few days, and because it's a pre-order it's coming from the factory, so no out of stock problems. Right?

Wrong. =[

"We don't have the color you wanted."
"What are you talking about, this is a pre-order, isn't it coming from the factory?"
"No, we just order lens in bulk, the lens are already here, it's quicker that way."
"So in other words, it's not a freaking pre-order, is it?"
". . ."
"Well then forget it I would please like my money back."
"No refunds for any reason."

Luckily I didn't send the money as a gift, and I just opened the dispute. I wasn't sure what to put my reason as, since I technically haven't had the stuff shipped yet. I mean, it's entirely within my rights to have my money back if items I paid for are not as advertised and not even in stock, I would think.

Anyway, this whole ordeal is just a nightmare! Once I receive my Beautiful Eyes lenses (they are i.Fairy Eclipse Green) I will do a Youtube review of them, and their shop. Hope they like it >:]

Oh, also she has another account that she uses to sell that you may want to steer clear of.

Anyone wanna buy some circle lens from me? x]

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